About Us - Stripco® Soda Blasting Systems

Stripco® was founded in 1997 as a family owned business.  We manufacture the most efficient mobile sodablasting system on the market (US PATENT # 8,057,279) and provide superior customer support, training and business development.

Our goal for Stripco® was to share the trailer mounted mobile sodablasting technology we developed with individuals looking to start a business of there own.  We considered franchising but the costs to our customers proved so excessive, we chose on an Authorized Contractor program instead.  The Stripco® Authorized Contractor program allows us to share the benefits of our national exposure and marketplace dominance with customers without passing on excessive legal costs and royalties. Through the use of targeted marketing tools, Stripco® Authorized Contractors are able to market to their prospective clients using media from Stripco’s extensive library. A new Authorized Contractor can utilize the exposure Stripco® receives from projects it is involved with such as the “Rides” show featured on TLC and the Discovery Channel documenting Carroll Shelby’s GT500 remake from the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”.

We have also been featured on “Two Guy’s Garage” on the Speed Channel.

As well as “Truck U” also on the Speed Channel.

Fox Sports Network featured Stripco® on it’s show “Truck Pros”.

In addition to our various TV appearances, Stripco’s website www.sodablasting.com features a lead generation system which was developed to help new Authorized Contractors by supplying them with jobs in their area. When we refer a job to one of our Stripco® Authorized Contractors we know they have the right equipment and products to give the customer a quality result they will look for again and again.

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