Automotive Paint Removal - Automotive Grease Removal - Automotive Soda Blasting

The advantage of using our Stripco Sodablaster for automotive surface preparation is that paint, grease and undercoating can be removed without breaking the surface tension of the metal. Paint can even be taken off a layer at a time and bondo can be left in or removed depending on the blasting techniques employed.

Removing Paint From A Car One Coat At A Time

Automotive - Taking Off Paint One Coat At A Time

Paint is being removed with our sodablast process one layer at a time as a demonstration. Eventually the paint, primer and bondo are removed to bare metal.

Soda Blast Paint Removal Off Stainless Steel Bus

Automotive - Remove Bus Paint from Stainless Steel

Imron type bus paint is stripped from stainless steel without scratching, heating, pitting or warping.

Soda Blasting Removing Bus Paint from Aluminum

Automotive - Remove Bus Paint from Aluminum

Imron type bus paint and primer is removed effectively from the aluminum bus skin.

Decal Removal From Bus - Soda Blasting Decal Removal

Automotive - Decal Removal from Aluminum Bus Panel

Paint and decal removal from a Greyhound Bus with Stripco Sodablaster.

Bondo Removal With Soda Blasting Equipment

Automotive - Bondo Removal

Paint, Primer and Bondo are being removed in one pass with our sodablast process.

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