Food Processing Equipment Cleaning & Sanitizing

Keeping your food processing equipment clean and sanitary is important to your food business. Nobody wants to be eating food that came from a dirty, unsanitary kitchen. This is where the soda blasting systems from Stripco come into play. Another unique quality of Sodium Bi-Carbonate is its cleaning properties. Couple this with the fact that baking soda itself is a food item makes it the perfect environmentally friendly solution to clean equipment used in food processing and food preparation applications. From an oven with years of baked on grease to cooking grates to restaurant equipment refurbishing, sodablasting can clean like nothing else. Soda blasting your food processing equipment is very fast, thorough, and effective.

Oven Door Cleaning With Soda Blasting Equipment

Food Processing Equipment - Oven Door Degreasing

Cleaning restaurant equipment using our sodablaster.

Soda Blasting Equipment Cleaning Stainless Steel Oven

Food Processing Equipment - Cleaning Grease from a Stainless Steel Oven

Thick grease is removed from the corners of a cook top.

Soda Blasting Removing Grease From Cooking Equipment

Food Processing Equipment - Baked On Grease

Grease cleaned from the cook top backsplash.

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